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Dinner Lady Menthol Range 10ml Nic Salts

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50/50 VG/PG

Sweet, fresh and light, Dinner Lady’s Menthol flavour range functions as a direct replacement for traditional menthol tobacco products. Dinner Lady’s range of menthol e-liquids has grown significantly since the introduction of the menthol tobacco ban of May 2020 to continually provide smokers with a suitable, cheaper, and less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco.

While often associated with mint flavourings, it is the cooling properties of menthol that makes it ideal for vape juice. The fresh and cooling sensation makes it a great flavour to combine with both minty and fruity flavours, creating products such as cherry menthol and blue menthol, both of which combine fruit and mint for the ultimate vape flavour.

Dinner Lady also caters for those old school smokers and vapers who have a long-standing preference for the traditional minty flavours and has created the best mint-menthol flavours in the industry. Flavours include Spearmint, Ice and Fresh Menthol, all of which are highly praised for creating a cooling sensation combined with a fresh mint for an incredibly smooth vape.

Blue Menthol - Luscious Mixed berries with a sprinkle of Dinner Lady love, all entwined with a blast of ice to give you a fruity chill

Cherry Menthol - You'll love this 'cherry much', with a cool kick and sweet taste

Ice Menthol - Get chilled - you'll think we bottled snow and ice in a juice

Brands   Dinner Lady
DL Flavour/Strength (from option)   10mg - Blue Menthol
  10mg - Cherry Menthol
  10mg - Ice Menthol
  20mg - Blue Menthol
  20mg - Cherry Menthol
  20mg - Ice Menthol
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Flavor accuracy
Vapor amount
Flavor accuracy
Vapor amount
Keira  |  2021-06-28
I always go for the Berry one. Any liquid that will contain berries will automatically become my favorite, promise you.


Dinner Lady Menthol Range 10ml Nic Salts

  • Flavor accuracy
  • Mouthfeel
  • Vapor amount
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