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Doozy Fifty 50 (50/50) 10ml

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50/50 VG/PG

Blackcurrant Aniseed: A juicy Mix of Blackcurrants with a Twist of Aniseed, this tasty all day vape is impossible to put down. 

Blue Raspberry: A mix of Raspberries of the Blue variety. A delicious sweet vape that is very addictive. A truly special flavor that keeps you wanting more.

Blueberry - A Mix of the ripest Blueberries with a tart sweetness that makes this flavor very special. If you like Berries then this is your perfect vape.

Hieberry - A delicious blend of Mixed Fruit and Berries with a Cool Icy touch of Aniseed after taste. This famous E Liquid Combination is full of Flavor that delivers a satisfying vape. There’s only one word to describe this flavour and that’s astounding!

Menthol - A Cool Crisp vape that compliments any flavor. It will be perfect addition to your favorite juices. It hits the spot every time!

Mixed Berries - A tasty mix of Grapes and Berries makes this a tantalizing vape that makes your mouth water. A combination that tastes divine on the Inhale and the exhale.

Strawberry - A delicious combination of sweet juicy Strawberries. You can never get enough of this flavor. An amazingly smooth throat hit with a delicious aftertaste.

Tobacco - A must for those who enjoy a nice Tobacco flavor with a slight hint of sweetness to take off the edge. This blend is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Brands   Doozy Vape Co
Flavour/Strength (from option)   03mg - Strawberry
  03mg - Menthol
  06mg - Menthol
  12mg - Menthol
  18mg - Menthol
  03mg - Mixed Berries
  06mg - Mixed Berries
  12mg - Mixed Berries
  18mg - Mixed Berries
  18mg - Hieberry
  06mg - Strawberry
  12mg - Strawberry
  18mg - Strawberry
  03mg - Tobacco
  06mg - Tobacco
  12mg - Tobacco
  18mg - Tobacco
  12mg - Hieberry
  06mg - Hieberry
  03mg - Hieberry
  18mg - Blueberry
  12mg - Blueberry
  06mg - Blueberry
  03mg - Blueberry
  18mg - Blue Raspberry
  12mg - Blue Raspberry
  06mg - Blue Raspberry
  03mg - Blue Raspberry
  18mg - Blackcurrant Aniseed
  12mg - Blackcurrant Aniseed
  06mg - Blackcurrant Aniseed
  03mg - Blackcurrant Aniseed
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Flavor accuracy
Vapor amount
Flavor accuracy
Vapor amount
Georgette  |  2021-07-14
No matter where I go I always take my liquids with me. Can't do without them anymore. Vaping is my everything. The time stops when I vape, that's why I love it so much. Thankful for the opportunity to buy liquids so often. This happens because I can afford to buy so many from this shop. Unbelievably cheap.


Doozy Fifty 50 (50/50) 10ml

  • Flavor accuracy
  • Mouthfeel
  • Vapor amount
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