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Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridge 2ml (2pcs/pack)

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Say hello to the Vaporesso XTRA Pod Cartridge which is best for Vaporesso XTRA Pod Kit. The Vaporesso XTRA Pod Cartridge embraces the updated cotton material for purer flavor. With 2ml juice capacity and the 0.8ohm/1.2ohm coil, you may get the  and smooth vapor. And the Vaporesso XTRA  pod is planned for tall Nicotine Conveyance Fair get it and appreciate the fabulous vaping.

Brand: Vaporesso

adopts the upgraded cotton material for purer flavor. 

With 2ml juice capacity and the 0.8ohm/1.2ohm coil, you will get the dense and smooth vapor. And the Vaporesso XTRA pod is designed for high Nicotine Delivery. Just get it and enjoy the excellent vaping.

Unit: 2pcs/pack

Capacity: 2ml

Package: Simple Packing

Short review Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridge 2ml

Replacement cartridges for Vaporesso XTRA for the best price is a tank combined with a vaporizer that changes as the heating element wears out and serves as a reservoir for liquid. There are 2 types of heater in the series, both have a volume of 2 ml, and are refilled through a silicone plug on the side.

The first XTRA Pod cartridge that you can order online has a resistance of 1.2 ohms, inside a classic coil. The calculation here is on cigarette cravings, the puff comes out tight and soft, very good for the Pod and the MTL class as a whole. With this cartridge, Vaporesso XTRA will deliver 11 watts and save battery life.

The second option works on a grid, with a resistance of 0.8 ohms. The puff comes out semi-free, and the pair is larger, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to tighten in the DL mode, it’s still tight. The flavour transfer is noticeably more interesting, as it should be for a grid. With this cartridge, the Vaporesso XTRA Pod with delivery will give out 16 watts, the battery will be consumed faster.

Potentially, a tight evaporator lasts longer. If you choose light mixes, avoid sweeteners, do not soar in the cold and moisten a new vaporizer every time before the first start, then you should count on the traditional 1-2 weeks. The semi-free version is conceived for sweet mixes and high power, so it is unlikely to last longer than a week, but it can also be stretched for a longer period in the same way.

2ml replacement cartridge with 1.2ohm coil heating element for Vaporesso XTRA POD system. 

Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridges 2ml buy online with delivery of this type have a tight draw, perfectly revealing the taste of the e-liquid and generating a small amount of vapour. For refuelling, a side valve with a silicone plug is provided.

Practical and stable - a cartridge created by Vaporesso engineers for the top Vaporesso Extra sub-system.

Vaporesso XTRA replacement refillable cartridge with the pre-installed coil, maintenance-free.

For the manufacture of the case, food-grade polymer plastic is used, absolutely safe for health.

A slight tint, but with sufficient translucency, protects the contents from light but makes it possible to see the remaining liquid level.

The volume of the reservoir is designed for active vaping without refuelling during the day - 2 ml.

In order to satisfy the wishes of every vaper, the company has made the Vaporesso Extra cartridge in two versions.

The first is with a resistance of 0.8 ohms on a mesh with a free puff.

The second one has a 1-ohm coil type coil for a tighter cigarette draw.

The gadget is refuelled classically - through the side hole, you need to remove the cork.

Organic cotton wool as a wick - for purity of taste and saturation of aroma.

At the first use, you need to let the winding soak well, for this, after filling with liquid, the Vaporesso XTRA Pod cartridge must be left alone for 10-15 minutes, only then start vaping.

The cartridges are made specifically for the Vaporesso XTRA POD system and are completely replaceable, the vaporizer is built-in. The volume of the contained e-liquid is 2 ml, and refilling is carried out on the side, under a silicone plug.

In terms of flavour, everyone knows that cotton is better, and it's true, the flavour transfer is really good for its fairly loose pull.

This design implies a built-in evaporator with a resistance of 0.8 ohms, where the grid serves as the main element.

Replaceable cartridges for Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridge 2ml that you can order with delivery are a pair of tanks that hold 2 ml of e-liquid and are refilled from the top, for which it is enough to remove the mouthpiece and pour e-liquid into the hole. The evaporators are built-in here and offer different traction, which can be adjusted with a special slider on the device's body.

The first Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridge that you can buy for the best price cartridge has a resistance of 0.8 ohms and will require 16 watts of power, but it is set automatically, no need to press anything. The puff here is offered semi-free, and the taste transfer is good, as it should be for a grid.

The second Xtra Pod Cartridge 2ml buy online with delivery Pod also has mesh inside, but at 1.2 ohms, it will need 11 watts. The craving here is closer to that of a cigarette, and, accordingly, e-liquids with a high content of nicotine are well suited here.

In terms of service life, everything is standard for Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridge 2ml purchase with delivery cartridges, on average it is 5-15 days, it all depends on the liquid itself and the frequency of use - dark and sweet mixes “kill” cotton wool faster, like soaring in the cold. And don't forget to wet the vaporizer the first time you start it, just fill the tank and let it sit for a few minutes.

Replaceable XTRA Pod Cartridges hold 2ml. e-liquid is held in the battery pack by two powerful magnets. Cartridges have different resistance and puff type.

MESHED UNIPOD with a resistance of 0.8Ω (mesh is used as a heating element) and UNIPOD with a resistance of 1.2Ω (a wire coil is used as a heating element).

MESHED UNIPOD 0.8Ω, designed for a looser puff, by installing a UNIPOD 1.2Ω cartridge, you get a tighter "cigarette puff".

To fill the e-liquid, remove the cartridge from the device, open the side silicone plug, pour liquid into the hole, close the plug and install the cartridge back.

The volume is 2 ml, refilling is carried out through a special hole closed with a rubber plug.

Suitable for use with nicotine salt e-liquids. Required VG/PG content: 50/50. You can also use 60/40, but with pauses between puffs so that the cotton has time to soak. After the first filling, leave it for 10-15 minutes to completely impregnate the vaporizers.

Order now with delivery of the Xtra Pod Cartridge by Vaporesso for the cheapest price and enjoy your vaping!

Brands   Vaporesso
Attr1 (from option)   1.2ohm
  Meshed 0.8ohm
Attr2 (from option)   1Pack
(3 reviews)

Guilherme  |  2023-06-26 Great Britain
I'll use more of these cartridge good value, and since i have to wait a bit for the delivery - i need to be stocked!

Jurgita  |  2023-06-12 Lithuania
Great original cartridges!

Atis  |  2023-06-07 Great Britain
I'm 100% satisfied with these coils. Perfect flavor, and it really feels like I'm taking one huge hit every time I puff on them.Clouds are pretty thick, enough for me to actually blow out. My favorites so far.


Vaporesso Xtra Pod Cartridge 2ml (2pcs/pack)

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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