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VAWOO Buyer Protection Policy offers our buyers save and secure services from checkout to delivery, in order to shop with confidence from Vawoo. Your financial info is never disclosed to third parties and is protected by our Privacy Policy. And if something goes wrong with your order, your eligible transactions will be fully reimbursed.

If some problems occur with your orders, Vawoo.com will help you resolve disputes and deal with any other issues that may come up with your products. By purchasing from our website you agree to this Policy.

Please note that this Buyer Protection Policy is a part of our Terms and Conditions. Please read our Terms and Conditions for buyers as well, in order to comprehend your rights and responsibilities when ordering from VAWOO.

1. Buyer Eligibility Requirements

Buyers who act in accordance with our Terms are considered eligible and are automatically enrolled in our Buyer Protection Program - there is no application process needed. In order to be protected by our website and to be eligible for our Buyer Protection Policy, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • 1.1 To be of the legal vaping age. Our website requires age verification for all users. By the low and deeming vape regulations established in the UK and Europe, we can not sell any vape gear to anyone under the age of 18. By ordering from the website you guarantee that you are of the legal age to vape in your country as well;
  • 1.2 To be registered and authorized user and to provide valid personal data, including shipping and bank card data;
  • 1.3 You purchased the item using payment methods available on the platform (MasterCard, Visa);
  • 1.4 You directly contacted us to resolve the problem that occurred with your order before you open dispute;
  • 1.5 You open dispute before you confirm a successful delivery;
  • 1.6 You purchase the items inside VAWOO website;
  • 1.7 You do not violate any of our Terms and Conditions for Buyers;

Buyer Protection applies only if the conditions above are met.

2. Situations Covered by Buyer Protection Policy

Within our Buyer Protection Policy you are protected in the following circumstances:

  • 2.1 Non-delivery and mis-delivery cases. You may be eligible for a refund if you arrange shipping with the supplier and the item doesn’t arrive within the time indicated by the supplier or by the maximum period for delivery (60 days). Please, provide valid shipping and billing addresses in order your item to be correctly delivered. However, if the item is tracked and shows that it is already delivered to your Post Office, we’ll consider the item delivered, meaning you can not request a refund for non- delivery.
  • 2.2 Item not as described. You have legal right to request a refund or exchange the item if:
    • 2.2.1 The item you received is different from that you ordered (e.g. You had ordered tobacco flavored e-liquid, but received cherry flavored);
    • 2.2.2 The item has manufacture defects;
    • 2.2.3 The item is damaged during shipping;
    • 2.2.4 The number of items received is wrong;
    • 2.2.5 The item has missing parts or features;
    • 2.2.6 The item’s sell by date expired;
  • 2.3 The tracking number is invalid and the order is not tracked;

3. Situations Not Covered by Buyer Protection Policy

Our Buyer Protection Policy does not cover the following circumstances:

  • 3.1 Buyer’s mistake.
    You won’t be eligible where you mistakenly purchase an item or a different kind of item to what you intended. However, you may negotiate and agree on return or exchange. Please note, that in this case you are responsible for shipping back costs.
  • 3.2 Buyer’s change of mind.
    You will not be considered eligible, if you buy an item and then subsequently for any reason change mind and no longer need the item you have ordered.
  • 3.3 Items damaged during pick up by the buyer.
    If you or other individual acting on your behalf pick up the item, and due to the nature of the item it suffers damage while being picked up by you and not by Post Services, you won’t be eligible for Buyer Protection.
  • 3.4 Non-delivery where items are shipped to a vacant address.

If you arrange for an item to be shipped to an address where you won’t be available to pick the item up, Buyer Protection won’t apply.

4. How Does Buyer Protection Work?

The products placed on this website carry an implied, industry-standard 14 day warranty against defects due to manufacturing failure. Please visit our Guarantee & Return page in order to understand how you are protected when receive products with defects. For cases of non-delivery, where you have not received your item(s) within 60 days, contact us as soon as possible. Please visit our Delivery and Refund page to find out detailed information about the delivery and refund procedure.

If you come up with problems that are covered by our Buyer Protection Policy, please follow the steps below:

  • You should first contact us directly and report the issue within 14 days from the date of receiving the item in order to settle any refund or return issues. Please note, that you should not confirm the delivery until you do not resolve the problem.
  •  You can also get our help by escalating dispute. Please visit our Open Dispute page, in order to get step-by-step guideline on how to open dispute within our website. In the likely event where we find that there is a fault on the supplier's part (e.g. non-delivery of products or items are not as described), we will reverse your payment back into your account.
  • If we decide to refund you under Buyer Protection, your money will usually be returned to the original source provided by you at the checkout procedure (either your card or bank account).
  • If this doesn’t work (e.g. because your credit card has expired or your bank account has closed), we may determine the most appropriate way to get you your money back. In this case, we may request your help to find the best solution for you. It may take up to 60 days for a full refund.

5. Order Payment Protection

All transactions within VAWOO platform are encrypted and safe by our security center. They are also protected from fraud, when a problem with your order(s) occurs. The payment for your order is withdrawn from your bank account provided at the checkout and is held by us until you confirm the delivery.

If you still have any questions or concerns about our Buyer Protection Policy, please fill out our contact us form and our managers will help you as soon as possible.

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