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10Pcs Aleader 810 Drip Tip AS116E

standard - $18.90 10-20 days (based on actual tracking data) The actual delivery time depends on the carrier and other factors
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Delivery all over Canada

This drip tip made of high quality resin, it is designed for most atomizers of 810 drip tips.

The drip tip will be send randomly. Thanks for your attention.

Unit: 10pcs

Package: Simple packaging

Attr1 (from option)   11
Attr2 (from option)   810 Drip Tip
(5 reviews)

Reynard  |  2021-07-07 Great Britain
Life is short, pay close attention to what you spend it on and how you treat yourself and your body. I know vaping is not the best habit of mine but I have learnt to buy good even expensive products to make sure I get the best quality stuff when I vape. As it is related to my health I find it extremely important and I am not trying to save here. Since I have found Vawoo I realize that you can just get good authentic products of the highest quality cheaper than anywhere else and this variant suits me.

Michael  |  2021-06-12 Great Britain
Many words of gratitude to the lovely lady from the Service team who had addressed my issue and instructed me further on. You a sweetheart. Cheers. Michael.

Ron  |  2021-05-27 Great Britain
hello everyone. my name is ron. I am a vaper with experience and it is so cool that I can judge the products correctly from my experience. vawoo is an incredible shop with many possibilities.

Ralf  |  2021-05-15 Great Britain
phenomenally cheap. really this much for 10 pieces? shocking value. will be returning here.

Jane  |  2021-04-16 Great Britain
I couldn't keep such store a secret from my friends that is why I have told everyone and now more and more people take advantage of discounts and offers here.


10Pcs Aleader 810 Drip Tip AS116E

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
Shipping Method Description Shipping Cost Delivery Time
Shipping Method standard Description Shipping Cost$18.90 Delivery Time10-20 days (based on actual tracking data)
Shipping Method UPS Express Description Shipping Cost$132.65 Delivery Time5-10 days
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