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Golisi G25 IMR 18650 25A Battery

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Golisi G25 IMR 18650 2500mAh High-drain Battery is the high performance rechargeable lithium battery,  It is powerful enough to run high power demanding device and provide much longer run time for your MODs. Furthermore, the internal protection sheets help to provide a safe charging and discharging environment to the battery.


The internal protection sheet prevents the battery from exploding or liquid leakin

High discharge current

Massive capacity of 2500mAh

Rechargeable for more than 800 times

Brand: Golisi

Unit: 2pcs

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Max charging current: 2A

Constant discharging current: 25A

CDC (constant discharging current) remains at 25a even only 20% power left

Capacity: 2500mah

Type: IMR

Cell Size:Length: 65mm(L)*18.27mm(D)

Shipping weight: 134g

Package: Simple Packing(2pcs battery / battery case / paper box)

Each set contain:

2pc Golisi G25 IMR 18650 2500mAh High-drain Battery

Attr1 (from option)   2500mAh
Attr2 (from option)   Li-ion Battery
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Golisi G25 IMR 18650 25A Battery

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