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What is better box mod or mech mod?

What is what
     The box mod is the part of the electronic cigarette that supplies power to the vaporizer. It consists of a screen, a board, control buttons, and a battery located inside.
 When the box mod is turned on, the battery transfers energy to the vaporizer through the board. It adjusts the voltage and current to match the settings and the resistance of the evaporator.
 According to the principle of operation, a box mod is the main automatic system in an electronic cigarette. It has various types of protection, controls the operation of the device at all stages, from installing the battery to charging it.
 The principle of operation of mechanical mods (mechanical structures) is based on the direct output of power, which is not supplied to the board and all other elements. A typical model of a mechanical device consists of a housing on which there is a manual switch button. It is in contact with the battery, so when pressed, the mechanism starts to work.
     Mehmod is a simplified system. It does not have a board, which is not always reliable in the connecting circuit. Mechanical devices appeared at a time when, as a result of the weak power of the boards, electronic cigarettes did not produce much vapor. This type of design allows the vaper to enjoy the amount of vapor.
Advantages and disadvantages of boxing fashion
 Design advantages:

  • reliable protection in the process of soaring;
  • the battery is charging inside;
  • does not require careful maintenance;
  • converts the energy supplied by the battery;
  • great option for beginners;
  • autonomy due to two or more batteries.


  • if liquid gets inside, it may fail;
  • does not give out more than 5 AP (this indicator suits many).

Advantages and disadvantages of a mechanical mod

  • direct output of energy from the battery does not limit the use;
  • compact size;
  • all models have a metal case.


  • requires skills to use;
  • separate external charger required;
  • protection is not provided;
  • contacts require periodic cleaning;
  • no resistance display;
  • voltage regulator is not provided;
  • the choice of a compatible atomizer is associated with a diameter limitation.

  Mechanical mods are useful for experienced vapers. They are reliable, practical, but require regular care and skills in the process of vaping.
  It is easier for beginners to cope with box mods in which boards are installed. They are superior to mechanical devices in many respects, except for maximum voltage output.

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