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SMOK Novo 2 Kit

$25.42 $60.89
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SMOK Novo 2 Kit:

Novo 2 Pack from SMOK is the overhauled adaptation of Novo. It is fueled by built-in 800mAh battery. It is outlined with mini and light estimate, which can be effortlessly taken with yourself all over. There are air-intake grooves on both sides of the gadget, after you breathing in, a twofold U-shaped discuss flow way will be shaped, which can incredibly increment the vapor and immaculateness of taste. The structure of air-sensing switch has been overhauled to create each puff worth. Designed with a groove around the terminal, you don’t got to stress around it flows all over. Including the lED marker, you'll clearly know the device’s battery conditions agreeing to different light colors. The included pod has double coils interior for vaporizing more e-liquid and creating enormous vapor. It is additionally congruous with NOVO Pod Cartridge. It gives different securities to ensure safe and steady vaping.

SMOK Novo 2 Kit

Novo 2 Pod System Kit Characteristics:

Brand SMOK
Size 88.3*24.5*14.5mm
Battery Capacity 800mAh
E-liquid Capacity 2.0ml
Resistance of Pre-installed Pod 1.0Ω
Input Voltage 3.3V-4.2V
Output Wattage 6W-25W
Charging Current 0.55A (MAX)
Charging Voltage 5V
Overcharge Voltage 4.3V
Overdischarge Voltage 2.4V
Overcharge Current 1A
Output Voltage 3.0V-4.0V
Colors Tiffany Blue Shell, Blue Shell, Purple Shell, Gold Shell, Brick Red Shell, 7-Color Shell, VAPE, I LOVE VAPING, KEEP CALM, ENJOY, 7-Color Spary, Green and Red, Yellow and Purple, Red and Yellow, 7-Color, Blue and Black, Black and White, Blue and Brown, 7-Colors Cobra, Tiffany Blue Cobra, Black Cobra, Gold Cobra, Red Cobra, Black 7-Color Spray, London Fashion, Blue Carbon Fiber, Gold Carbon Fiber, Black Carbon Fiber, Red Carbon Fiber, 7-Color Carbon Fiber, Purple Red Carbon Fiber, Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber, Black Stabilizing Wood, Purple Stabilizing Wood, Blue Stabilizing Wood, Red Stabilizing Wood, Yellow Stabilizing Wood, Green Stabilizing Wood.


  1. 800mAh built-in battery & 2ml e-liquid capacity
  2. Compact design, simple to require it everywhere
  3. Designed with a groove around the electrode
  4. Double U-shaped discuss flow
  5. LED pointer light for showing the battery level
  6. Novo 2 Pod with double coils interior for incredible MTL vaping
  7. Multiple assurances to dodge potential risks
  8. Compatible with both NOVO and NOVO 2 Pod Cartridge

SMOK Novo 2 Kit


  • 1 x Novo 2 Device
  • 1 x Novo 2 Mesh 1.0Ω Pod(No e-liquid)(2ml)
  • 1 x Novo 2 DC 1.4Ω MTL Pod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Brands   SMOK
Color (from option)   London Fashion
  Black Cobra
  Tiffany Blue Cobra
  Gold Cobra
  Red Cobra
  Black 7-Color Spray
  Purple Red Carbon Fiber
  Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber
  Black Stabilizing Wood
  Purple Stabilizing Wood
  Blue Stabilizing Wood
  Red Stabilizing Wood
  Yellow Stabilizing Wood
  Green Stabilizing Wood
  Gold Carbon Fiber
  Blue Carbon Fiber
  Red Carbon Fiber
  Black Carbon Fiber
  Brick Red Shell
  Purple Shell
  Gold Shell
  Blue Shell
  Green and Red
  Yellow and Purple
  Red and Yellow
  Blue and Black
  Black and White
  Blue and Brown
  Tiffany Blue Shell
Type (from option)   Standard Edition
Same Day Dispatch
(11 reviews)

Simas  |  26-06-2023 Great Britain
So i received SMOK Novo 2 Kit. As a first-time user, I was excited to see its sleek design and to try it out. The performance of the vape exceeded my expectations; it’s easy to use and delivers a powerful and satisfying vaping experience. I was expecting the package to arrive sooner, but I'm still quite happy with the product overall.

Antonios  |  06-06-2023 Brazil
I am absolutely delighted with my recent purchase of the SMOK Novo 2 Kit. Despite the long 17-day delivery time, the wait was definitely worth it! The packaging was very secure, and the vape arrived in perfect condition. I am incredibly pleased with the product itself. It delivers fantastic flavor and thick, satisfying vapor. Battery life proves to be quite impressive and reliable. I absolutely could not be happier with my purchase and would highly recommend this kit to other vaping aficionados.

Yona  |  13-09-2021 Netherlands
I appreciate a good product and I do not mind paying extra for it when there is a necessity. Vawoo doesn't make me pay extra which is a huge bonus to all the advantages of this website. Thanks for the delivery to Holland.

Liz  |  19-02-2021 Great Britain
I am new to vaping, and i like this thing so far. It is compact, has just a perfect size. It quenches my cravings also, so i keep using ir day by day!

Abby  |  08-02-2021 Great Britain
Me and my husband are both very pleased with this kit. Vaping is always smooth and it gives a really good hit!

Nicky T.  |  02-12-2020 Great Britain
Found the best price for it here on vawoo Great kit for beginners and for people who need a small compact vape in their pocket, always ready to provide some good clouds.

Garry T.  |  01-12-2020 Great Britain
I've been a smoker for 10 years and I've been cigarette free for 3 weeks now because of SMOK Novo.

Katherine  |  20-02-2020 Great Britain
a bit long delivery time, i needed to wait for the vape for about 3 weeks. i hope that's thro the holidays, because the prices are just great here.

Mike  |  15-02-2020 Great Britain
a good vapour production for a pod with the flavour on the ball.

Matthew  |  07-02-2020 Great Britain
i like the kit, it's lightweight and easy to carry. i would prefer a better flavour, but it's ok too.

Nicole  |  21-01-2020 Great Britain
Madly pleased! With its money it gives out 1000% Thanks to the store too for the best delivery and service!


SMOK Novo 2 Kit

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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Shipping Method standard Description Shipping Cost$13.51 Delivery Time17-25 days (based on actual tracking data)
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