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SMOK Replacement Glass Tube For TFV18 Tank

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This Smok Replacement Glass Tube has 7.5ml juice capacity. It is designed for Smok TFV18 Tank.

Brand: Smok
Unit: 1 Set
Capacity: 7.5ml
Package: Simple Packing

Short review about SMOK Replacement Glass Tube For TFV18 Tank

Has your TFV18 Clearomiser received a bad blow? Smok manufactures its clearomiser in such a way as to be able to replace the fragile part.

Use Smok's TFV18 replacement glass to find equipment like new! Replacing the glass allows you to start vaping again at a lower cost. This TFV18 glass is made by the Smok brand and is identical to the original. It is a very high-quality pyrex, resistant to high heat. The glass preserves the flavours of your e-liquid. The pyrex bulb allows you to create a reservoir of 7.5 ml. Your atomizer, therefore, has the best possible hydration. The glass is completely transparent for ideal e-liquid level checking.

Replaceable glass for the serviced atomizer Smok TFV8 tank does not differ in any of the characteristics from the «native» glass, it is also resistant to heating, has fine mechanical action and will not bring the taste of liquid foreign impurities or burning smell when hovering. The diameter is 25.5 mm

The tfv18 glass replacement from Smok is cut for large boxes and large sub-ohm vapour for a tank with a capacity of 7.5 ml and huge mesh coils, it is ideal for all those who love power. The TFV18 has a diameter of 26 mm, cut for a DL draw, but does not overlook the flavours.

The SMOK Replacement Glass Tube For TFV18 Tank has a simple and secure filling with a top cap that swivels. Replacement glass tfv18 for cloud chasers who also want good flavour.

The TFV18 SMOK Replacement Glass Tube For TFV18 Tank is made by Smok and you can buy it with delivery for the best price here.

Smok offers us an extraordinary version of its flagship TFV clearomizer with the TFV18. Cut for power and flavours, it has a diameter at the base of 26 mm, which reserves it for boxes large enough to accommodate. Thanks to its Mesh resistors with a large heating surface and their unparalleled reactivity, the TFV18 clearomiser also has a very good rendering of flavours.

The filling is secured by a rotating opening of the top cap towards the back. The generous tank of the TFV18 can hold up to 7.5ml of your favourite e-liquid.

The TFV18 Clearomiser does not cut corners with its 26mm diameter. It is designed for large boxes, double battery if possible. Its autonomy is also there with its Pyrex bulb of 7.5 ml in e-liquid, which will allow you to vape for a long time at high power.

Thanks to the ring located at the base of the TFV18, the draw can go from very aerial DL to a little tighter in RDL. You will be able to best control the desired airflow. The airflow system is very efficient and it is advisable to open it at least halfway to avoid excessive heating.

To improve conductivity, Smok has designed a special connection, consisting of five copper pads which are in direct contact with the resistance. Thanks to this highly conductive material, the responsiveness of the TFV18 is greatly improved and will provide you with a powerful and precise vape.

Thanks to its swivelling top cap, the TFV18 clearomiser is very easy to fill while having protection for children. All you have to do is press the button and then turn the top cap to access the large openings to put your 7.5ml in e-liquid. It is preferable to close the airflow before this operation.

  • Press the top cap button
  • Rotate the top cap backwards
  • Fill the tank through the opening provided
  • Put the top cap back in place

Thanks to the copper connection between the resistance and the box, the reactivity and the heating capacity are unequalled. The TFV18 coils reach high powers for a vape full of sensations.

TFV18 Meshed 0.33 Ω, for optimized flavours, to be used between 80 and 140 watts and ideal between 100 and 110 watts

TFV18 Dual Meshed 0.15 Ω, for dense and generous vapour, to be used between 80 and 140 watts and ideal between 100 and 110 watts

Note that the TFV18 Clearomiser is also compatible with the manufacturer's TFV16 coils.

  • Check that the tank is empty
  • Unscrew the base of the TFV18
  • Unscrew the resistor
  • Screw a resistance on the base
  • Screw the base
  • Fill the tank
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the resistance to be soaked

The TFV18 clearomizer is made by Smok.

Brands   SMOK
Attr1 (from option)   7.5ml
Attr2 (from option)   1Pack
(1 reviews)

Frederik  |  11-07-2023 Denmark
Love these glasses.


SMOK Replacement Glass Tube For TFV18 Tank

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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